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Night Market Thai is located in Houston’s Chinatown District.  The food of Night Market is inspired by traditional Thai Street Food.  From our house-make pork jerky (bak kwa) to our hand pounded papaya salad.  We provide a unique, traditional, spicy variety of Thai dishes found in various Thai cities.

Our popular dishes in terms of noodles, is our Pad Thai as well our flat rice noodle dish Pad Kee Mao.  We also make all our curries from scratch, ground the Thai chilies and fresh herbs to make a fragrant curry paste, and slow simmer it in fresh coconut milk to finish.

When looking for a unique take on tradition Thai Food and atmosphere, Night Market Thai is a perfect destination.

Mondays – Closed


Tuesday – Thursday

11am-3pm / 5pm-10pm


Friday – Saturday

11am-3pm / 5pm-11pm



11am-3pm / 5pm-10pm

Night Market Thai Restaurant


9630 Clarewood Drive

Suite A12

Houston Texas 77046


Phone: (713) 492-2835

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9630 Clarewood Dr Suite A13 Houston TX 77036

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